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Guidance and Counselling Visit to GGSS Jogana

By Halima Halilu

Date: November 24th, 2018.

One of the Kano Hub’s most periodic projects is carrying out Guidance and Counselling (Shaping Young Starts) visits to Secondary Schools to mentor students on various career paths, as well as, encouraging them to further their education. Therefore, the Hub contacted Government Girls Secondary School (GGSS) Jogana in respect of a guidance and councelling visit by members of the Hub. The management accepted the offer and a date for the visit was agreed upon.  Due to the large number of students enrolled at GGSS Jogana, only senior students of the school were selected to attend the session..

In the morning of the visitation day, Not less than ten (10) shapers were at the school in Jogana town of Gezawa Local Government Area of Kano state to represent the Hub. The team took along  a truck full of mosquito- repellant kits and sanitary materials donated by Gongoni Company Limited and disbursed to the students. Gift/prize items were also taken along and given to girls who correctly answersed to questions posed to them by various members of the team.

The event took off with the school’s Vice Principal introducing the Hub to the students and informing them about the purpose of the visit. Then the Curator of the Hub explained what Global Shapers Community was all about in general terms, and then enumerated a list of activities and projects of the Kano Hub, in particular. All shapers in attendance then introduced themselves and their respective careers.

Adam Alqali, an award-winning journalist, began the career talk by informing them about how he ventured into journalism, what it takes to be a journalist and the various career paths available in journalism. He added that one of the advantages of being a journalist was that you could either work independently (freelance) or as part of a media organization.

Dr. Ruqayya Nasir Sani, a medical doctor, advised those seeking to go into the medical  profession to be committed and diligent in learning because of the rigourous nature of studies at the medical school. She therefore encouraged them to  persevere as it was a fulfilling career path. Different specializations in the field of medicine were also discussed.

Masturah Baba, a research expert and fashion designer shared her story of how she stumble on Fashion design. She learned the profession by chance and moved from sewing gowns and dresses for herself to friends and family ordering the same. Masturah encourage them to put in their best in whatever path they found themselves even if it wasn’t by choice. She concluded by offering a scholarship to fashion school to the best graduating student of 2019.

Ahmad Rabiu, an IT specialist  explained his  professional carrier path to the students, emphasizing the role of  Information and Communication Technology in today’s world. IT, he said, was highly suited to individuals who are innovative and aspiring to be their own bosses .

Engr Abba Ibrahim and Halima Halilu gave lectures about work-life balance. Students were urged to become upright members of the society in order to contribute meaningfully to societal development. Critical success factors were shared and the  girls were urged to always strive for excellence in their future endeavors.

Abubakar Bunza introduced the concept of Climate Change to the students. He  explained to them about  how  Climate Change affects the planet earth and our quality of life and therefore urged them to begin to adopt lifestyles that  would reduce carbon emissions.

Overall,  the Guidance and Councelling visit was a very successful  on as the students were well engaged and the session was highly interactive. The students had a lot of questions and showed great zeal. Shapers also asked the students questions based on the presentations made  at the end of which gifts were given to students that answered the questions, correctly.

The Vice Principal, teachers and students of GGSS Jogana were visibly appreciative of the entire Hub immensely for the visit.

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