If you’re in your twenties and reading this, it’s probably because you’re a change-maker.
Whether you’ve been selected as a Shaper or are deciding whether to apply to become one, we’re sure you have questions.

So, we’ve put together a collection of the most important facts, tips and advice on our community. This is designed to help you learn more about our work and encourage you to join our hub. Welcome and read on.

What is the Global Shapers Community?

Global Shapers Community is a network of inspiring young people (Shapers) between the age of 20-30 working together to address local, regional and global challenges.
It the youth wing of World Economic Forum

Who are Global Shapers

Shapers are extraordinary young people in their 20s and early 30s (under 30 at the time of joining) exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities.

What do I need to become a Shaper with Kano Hub?

You need three things – to be in your twenties, have amazing achievements and are committed to working with your peers to improve your community.
Stay tuned with our social media handles to know when we are recruiting.

For how long can I be a Shaper?

You are a Shaper until you turn 33 or until you’ve been in the community for over eight years. These limits ensure we continue to represent young people.

I’m already 30 years old. Can I still apply?

Sorry, if you already turned 30, you’re no longer eligible. There’s still a number of ways, however, you can help Shapers have impact in your city. Contact them and offer your support.

What’s the relationship between the Global Shapers Community and World Economic Forum?

We’re part of the World Economic Forum family, but operate as an independent organization. Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, created the Global Shapers Community in 2011. He wanted to demonstrate to the world that young people are central to solution building, policy-making and lasting change.
Professor Schwab and the Forum continue to make significant financial and in-kind contributions to the network and our day-to-day operations including access to tools like TopLink, staff and office space.
To ensure the voice of young people is always heard, the Forum also provides Shapers with unique opportunities to interact and collaborate with heads of states, CEOs and philanthropic leaders.

What’s a Curator?

Curators are hub leaders elected by their local team on an annual basis. They serve as a the main point of contact for hubs and HQ, helping to build connections.

Do I Shapers get paid for their work?

Shapers don’t receive any financial reward for being a work. We are a registered non profit organisation committed to volunteerism and building the state community service.

Do Shapers dues or membership fees?

Yes every member of the Hub/Shaper is expected to pay a small fee every month. This fee is applied towards the running of the hub’s activities.

Do I pay to attend Kano Hub events?

All our kano-hub events are free and open to the public. But most of our events are restricted to people invited and those that signup for the event online.
Follow our social media handles to learn of our upcoming events.

How many Hubs are in Nigeria?

Kono Hub is one of 7 Hubs in Nigeria. The other Hubs are: Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Calabar, Port Harcourt and Uyo